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Adventure yourself on a trip to two of the most emblematic huts in Bariloche. De Frey a Jakob | Hut to Hut See Activity


For more than 25 years we’ve been practicing winter sports and living nature at its best.

We founded Backcountry Patagonia with the goal of taking every nature lover to our favorite place: the other side of the mountain.


The other side of the mountain is a concept that represents each one of our experiences: adventure, learning and connection surrounded by the most amazing landscapes in the world.

We make the best outdoor experiences in Patagonia

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Volcanoes & Surf | Chile

The combination of these two sports, backcountry skiing and surfing, make up for a unique experience. A 6-day journey through the volcanoes of the south of Chile (Casablanca and Osorno) and the lovely Pacific Ocean on the shores of Pucatrihue, San Juan de la Costa. It’s a 309 kms total trip, from Bariloche to the Chilean sea.

Workshop – Piolet and Crampons | Bariloche

This workshop focus is to upgrade your piolet and crampons technique to enhance your performance in the mountain. We will learn different tactics in a progressive manner, which in turn will gradually build the student’s confidence when on snowy or glacier terrain.

February/ March 2023

From Frey to Jakob | Hut to Hut

A Hut to Hut classic. A five days programme for those who wish to adventure themselves into a trip that connects two emblematic mountain huts within Nahuel Huapi National Park. The journey takes us through a wide terrain full of challenging descents, colouirs and valleys to enjoy.

Cordillera Blanca | Perú

The geography, its people, the availability of its mountains, the many itineraries and the quality of its routes make Huaraz worthy of the name “Capital of Andinism in South America”.


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