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  • Cerro Tronador | Argentina

    The ascend to Pico Argentino at Tronador is one of the best mountain experiences to enjoy in Patagonia. A 3-day hustle with every bit of an alpine climb. Walking in the forest, sleeping at a mountain hut, walking through a glacier and its cracks and reaching the summit of one of the most incredible lookouts in the area. 

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  • Cordillera Blanca | Perú

    The geography, its people, the availability of its mountains, the many itineraries and the quality of its routes make Huaraz worthy of the name “Capital of Andinism in South America”.

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  • Cordillera Huayhuash | Perú

    Intense colours. Blue lakes, white mountains, gray rocks and yellow pastures. Our senses will be enhanced during this journey. The Huayhuash Mountain Range is one of the most shocking sceneries in South America and home to some of the most spectacular, hardest peaks in the Andes.

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  • Cordillera Vilcanota | Perú

    A cultural journey that will guide you through the remote corners of Cusco. From the jungle to the highlands. From the lakes to the glaciers. From Incas to Aymaras. An unforgettable trip.

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  • Domuyo Volcano | Argentina

    Domuyo Volcano has a remarkable height that earned it the name of the “roof of Patagonia” and is, without doubt, one of the most challenging climbs for mountaineers. This ascent is framed in the unique scenery that is the Cordillera (mountain range) del Viento, with its thermal springs, geysers and fumaroles.

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  • Lanín Volcano | Argentina

    Lanin volcano is one of the most iconic mountains in Patagonia. It is one of those mountains you’ll want to conquer the second you spot it. It can be seen from 200kms away and it is easy to pick it out from its magmatic neighbors: Villarica (still active), Osorno and Llaima.

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  • $790.00

    Trona 360° | Crossing the Andes

    We go out for a week to hike around Tronador crossing the Andes and returning home. We cross to Chile walking where we will discover the depths of the valdivian jungle, enjoying hot springs and sailing.

    From 6 to 13 | 20 to 27 January ’24
    From 6 to 13 | February 17 to 24 ’24
    From March 2 to 9 ’24

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