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  • 4 huts | A Bariloche classic

    A classic with all the letters, four days of hiking through the classic huts of Bariloche. We start from Villa Catedral to go up to Frey. Then we cross the Rucaco Valley towards the San Martín (Jakob) hut. We continue to Ref. Manfredo Segre (Lag. Negra), ending the last day with Ref. López.

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  • Big mountain tour | Bariloche

    Una propuesta para todos aquellos que quieran salir a conocer los alrededores de Bariloche por senderos más agrestes y recorridos poco convencionales.

    ¡Consulta las fechas de la primavera 2023!

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  • Five lakes | A Patagonia hiking journey

    We leave from Colonia Suiza to Pampa Linda in 4 days. We go camping, looking for the feeling of being further and further from our comfort zone and closer to conect again with the pulse of nature.

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