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  • 4 huts | A Bariloche classic

    A classic with all the letters, four days of hiking through the classic huts of Bariloche. We start from Villa Catedral to go up to Frey. Then we cross the Rucaco Valley towards the San Martín (Jakob) hut. We continue to Ref. Manfredo Segre (Lag. Negra), ending the last day with Ref. López.

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  • $750.00

    A tour at Ilón

    Ilon is special. Its surroundings, the landscape, the warmth of its nestled domes and its unique panoramic view of the Tronador. Many trails to travel. Many stories to tell. Will you join us in this experience?

    Dates: 18 to 21 of August | Available!

    ¿Would you like other dates? | Come with your team and we make it possible!

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  • $1,700.00

    Bariloche ski touring week

    A trip of a life time. A seven days programme for those who wish to adventure themselves into Bariloche alpine terrain. Chossing the best lines to ride, and enjoying part of the Argentinean culture.

    Dates: 2 to 9 of September| Available! | Come with your team and we make it possible!

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  • Big mountain tour | Bariloche

    Una propuesta para todos aquellos que quieran salir a conocer los alrededores de Bariloche por senderos más agrestes y recorridos poco convencionales.

    ¡Consulta las fechas de la primavera 2023!

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  • Catedral | Backcountry Ski & Splitboard Experience

    We want to show you Catedral from a different angle. The idea is to part our ways from the noise and long queues and head out of the boundaries of the ski resort to share a full freeride day together. Safety first, of course, and with that in mind let’s enjoy the fresh snow of la Patagonia. 

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  • Cerro Dormilón

    Guided trip to one of the most lonely and beautiful huts in the northern area of the National Park. Crossing

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  • Cerro Tronador | Argentina

    The ascend to Pico Argentino at Tronador is one of the best mountain experiences to enjoy in Patagonia. A 3-day hustle with every bit of an alpine climb. Walking in the forest, sleeping at a mountain hut, walking through a glacier and its cracks and reaching the summit of one of the most incredible lookouts in the area. 

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  • Cordillera Blanca | Perú

    The geography, its people, the availability of its mountains, the many itineraries and the quality of its routes make Huaraz worthy of the name “Capital of Andinism in South America”.

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  • Cordillera Huayhuash | Perú

    Intense colours. Blue lakes, white mountains, gray rocks and yellow pastures. Our senses will be enhanced during this journey. The Huayhuash Mountain Range is one of the most shocking sceneries in South America and home to some of the most spectacular, hardest peaks in the Andes.

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