Bariloche ski touring week

8 Days

A trip of a life time. A seven days programme for those who wish to adventure themselves into Bariloche alpine terrain. Chossing the best lines to ride, and enjoying part of the Argentinean culture. This is the combination of some welcome riding, and a Hut to Hut classic. The journey takes us through a wide terrain full of challenging descents, colouirs and valleys to enjoy. Freeride days on Frey or Jakob.

Dates: 9 to 16 of September| Available!

¿Would you like other dates? | Come with your team and we make it possible!

2300 USD (private 2 persons)
1700 USD (min 4 persons)


Food in the mountains
We recommend packing your snacks of choice for those long days in the mountains. Same goes for your favorite beverages. Eating well is key for keeping your strength up out in the wild. And to cope with the loss of appetite, the best you can have is a wide variety of food at your disposal, from sweet to sour and salty. Some days carrying at least 2 liters if water is essential.  

Accommodation during the trip
At Frey and Jakob huts every service is guaranteed. Dinner and breakfast are included in this bundle. At the huts you will find USB charging stations, restrooms and other amenities  

Travel and rescue insurance
An insurance plan is mandatory to protect yourself from the unexpected. Check with your insurance company on the details about coverage and policies. Feel free to contact us for details or in doubt. 

Gear list


  • Mountain skis with touring bindings and skins in good shape / Splitboard with bindings and skins 
  • Touring boots / snowboarding boots
  • Beacon, Shovel and Probe
  • Helmet
  • Crampons
  • Goggles
  • Gloves (two pairs)
  • Sunglasses / Sunscreen (+50)

Layered clothing:

  • Base Layer Tops and Bottoms (Lightweight or Midweight, Synthetic)
  • Fleece
  • Rain Jacket
  • Insulated Jacket
  • Rain Pants
  • Ski socks
  • Change of clothes (shirt, thermal interior, gloves, socks, underwear)
  • Cap / hat 
  • Buff


  • Personal Bathroom Kit: Toilet Paper, Ziplock Bags, Personal Wipes, Hand Cleaner
  • 1lt bottle of water (minimum) 
  • Thermos
  • First aid kit
  • Money and papers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camera
  • Trekking shoes

We have equipment for rent:

  • Skis / Skins and Bindings
  • Splitboard
  • Security kit (Beacon, Shovel and Probe)

Feel free to ask pricing and availability.

On the first and last day, depending on the amount of snow, we may have to walk with the skis on our backpacks. For this activity a comfortable and suitable backpack is advised. A good pair of shoes will also be necessary to walk to the skiing areas and down the refuge.

Location: Bariloche
Duration: 7 days
Dates: August to September
Requirements: Advanced ski level. Experience in backcountry skiing. Good physical condition.
Guides and Ratio: 4:1
8 people max.

  • Professional AAGM Ski Guide.
  • All meals included during the trip.
  • Accommodation and transfers in Bariloche.
  • Accommodation in both huts with breakfast and dinner included.


  • Touring skis or splitboards.
  • Security kit (Beacon, shovel and probe)
  • Some unspecified item in this programme.
  • Ski pass
  • Personal insurance

Day 1: A meeting is always better to get to know each other, check the itinerary, check the gear and share a beer together. This will be at our spot “Hosteria la Luna”, your accommodation in Bariloche. We leave everything set up to go out to the mountains. See you the day you arrive!

Hotel, welcome dinner

Day 2: The pick up will be at 8.30. We left the hotel driving up to Catedral ski resort. The idea is to do some runs, see the level of the group and around noon hit the skins and move to the backcountry area. We will check ascent techniques, transitions and the dynamics that we are going to have for the days between Frey and Jakob.

Hotel, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 3: Same routine but this time with the backpack with everything to spend 6 days in the mountains. At 9am we will be at the base of the ski resort to gain elevation with the lifts. We will cross to Frey, and check our next ski area. Once we arrive, if the legs leave us, we drop our backpacks and go out for one run. The incredible golden granite towers with lines for all levels in all orientations.

Overnight in th hut, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 4: Getting up at the Frey hut, we had breakfast, backpack, beacon, shovel, probe and we will go out to find the best terrain to ride. Discover new corners and enjoy skinning up alone at your own pace, choosing our descent lines. Full day out there!

Overnight in th hut, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 5: We return to our best new routine. We load the backpack with everything and we are going to connect both huts. On the way, we will cross the Rucaco valley, another spot with very good terrain to ride. The journey will take us around 6 hours and we will arrive comfortably at our new home: Jakob. The best hut in the area!

Overnight in th hut, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 6: Our jolly joker day. This is the rest day of the week. Because disconnecting is esencial. We leave a free day to read, do some stretching and take a nap in the mountains.

Overnight in th hut, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 7: Uff Jakob in front of our eyes. A challenging alpine terrain, incredible places and again the opportunity to connect with nature at its best. Depending on how the conditions are, we will look for the jewel of this area, the east face of Cerro Constructores. In the afternoon, watch our lines from the hut window with a cold beer. 

Overnight in th hut, breakfast, box lunch and dinner

Day 8: The last day in the mountains. Return home after 6 days out there. We will pack  with us many memories, moments together and the aim to return to this activity that leaves no traces but many sensations. Depending on the conditions and weather we will choose to go down through the trail to Tambo Baez or return through the ski resort.

Hotel, breakfast, box lunch and farewell asado dinner. End of services