We live on a planet full of nature, incredible places to visit and infinite experiences to live.
We’re lucky to have dedicated more than 25 years to winter sports and making it our life style.
Backcountry was born with the goal of taking nature lovers to the other side of the mountain: a learning, adventure and reconnection experience.


The other side of the mountain is not only a place, is a way of living, approaching and connecting with nature. A place where silence is heard because there are no words to describe it. Where there are more landscapes than people. Where you learn something new every day. Where we don’t wait in line, yet practice our patience. A place where you need to go up, to go down. Where we respect the mountain, so we train ourselves to rise to the challenge. A place for connecting to yourself  like nowhere else. Where you skii on fresh snow. Where at the end of the day, you feel better than you did that very morning. Where you experience something only sports and nature lovers get to feel, but can’t describe.


At Backcountry we’re inspired by people who wish to adventure and discover the planet in its wildest version. Our mission is to bring you the best experience you can get in Patagonia, taking you to magical places for not only a unique sport adventure but also self discovery. 


Meet our guides
Sebastián Beltrame
Gaspar Lamuniere
Fernando Martinez
Jeremías Palavecino